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Eliminate pain with massage

"The massage I received relieved the stress in my neck and shoulders right away."

- Ginny


"My shoulders and neck are so relaxed now.  I was feeling tightness the last week or so in that area.  I notice a huge difference since the massage."

- Marilyn


"I am thankful for a great massage, because of the physical benefits it does for me, as well as the confidence of knowing I will be treated by professional, and trusted therapists. I have had my doubts at other places, but I have experienced good results each and every time I came here. Spiritual refreshment for the soul is also a welcome treat that I get to experience."

- Marv


"My massage was probably the best massage I’ve had in years. She’s very confident and knows what she is doing. Thank you for recommending her."

- Dawn

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Alicia's Massage and Wellness Center testimonials

"I had much better flexibility, and less stiffness in the morning than I did before I tried Therapeutic Massage at Alicia’s Massage."

- Marv

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