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Alicia's Massage and Wellness Center offers you an environment that sounds, looks, smells, and feels blissfully relaxing! Our therapists are known for our soothing touch. While you are visiting our conveniently located Millersville, PA wellness center, be sure to check our growing line of health and wellness products.



 •  Swedish

 •  Therapeutic

 •  Deep tissue

 •  Heated stone

 •  Cocoa butter

 •  Coconut oil

 •  Cranial Sacral

 •  Body brushing

 •  Ear candling

 •  Heated soy dip for hands and feet



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Wellness for your body, mind and spirit!

“The massage I received relieved the stress in my neck and shoulders right away."


- Ginny P.

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 •  Prenatal

 •  Couples (call for availability)

 •  Massage and stretching

 •  Head, hands and feet

 •  Facial massage with hot towels

 •  Eucalyptus sinus and scalp treatment

 •  Headache relief

 •  Weight loss program

 •  Detox foot bath and skin treatment

 •  Nutrional Training

Spa Treatments

 •  Facial massage with hot towels

 •  Steamed towel

 •  Aromatherapy

 •  Eucalyptus sinus and scalp treatment

 •  Heated soy dip for hands and/or feet


 •  Organic facial

 •  Full body exfoliations



Treatments under $40

 •  20 Minute Therapeutic Back Massage - $30

 •  20 Minute Foot Massage - $30

 •  30 Minute Stretching Session - $30

 •  Eucalyptus head/sinus treatment - $35

 •  Head, hands and feet - $35

 •  Head and facial massage with hot towel face steam - $35

 •  Ear candling - $30 with Sue only

 •  Vanilla soy dip for feet or hands- $30

 •  Full body skin brushing - $30

 •  Detox foot bath and a cup of balancing tea- $40

 •  30 minute holistic health consultation - $35


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Massage Therapy Etiquette



Many people often ask us if they should tip their therapist. Although it is always appropriate to tip your therapist, we here at Alicia’s consider them a thoughtful gesture.


Payment Options

We accept gift certificates purchased through Alicia’s Massage and Wellness Center and we also except all major credit cards. You may purchase gift certificates either at the desk, or through our online scheduling system.


What Do I Wear?

There is no particular dress code for clients receiving massage therapy at Alicia’s Massage & Wellness Center. Undergarments may be worn during the massage if you are uncomfortable with disrobing completely for the session. Professional draping is taught and practiced by ALL of our Licensed Massage Therapists. This is done not only for the comfort and privacy of the client, but also to maximize the ability and comfort of the therapist.


Comfort Level

If at any time during your massage you find the pressure to be too intense, please do not hesitate to let your therapist know so they can adjust the pressure; you may also discuss with your therapist if you would like to upgrade your massage to a more firm pressure or a longer session time.




Client Timeliness

We respectfully request that all clients arrive 10 minutes earlier prior to their appointment. This allows you the time to fill out our client intake form and get started with your treatment at the scheduled time. Out of respect for our other clients, if you are late to your appointment, the length of the service will not be extended. If for some reason you are unable to make it to your appointment, please let us know 24 hours prior to your scheduled session. If a 24 hour notice is not given, a 30% cancellation fee will be incurred. We do this because we care about our therapists, and we wish to see them compensated when time is lost.


Scheduling Parties

We welcome big groups! If you would like to schedule for a group, please give us a call at 717-872-7000 and we will do our best to find the most optimal time slot for you. Any party of 3 or more will have gratuity added to each of the services rendered.


Inappropriate Conduct

We are a family friendly center and will not tolerate any inappropriate actions directed towards ANY our massages therapists. Sexual favors during a massage session is not only unethical and ILLEGAL, but is also entirely contrary to the purposes of a Licensed Massage Therapist. If inappropriate action IS taken towards any of our massage therapists, the session will be stopped and you will be EXPECTED to pay the FULL amount owed for the massage. Gratuity will also be added.



Thank you for your cooperation.

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